Ultra5280 | April 5, 2017

Tired of the same old drinks? Vodka & Soda, Gin & Tonic… we feel your pain. And while those drinks are good “go-tos” to have in your back pocket, they can get a little, well, boring. Lucky for you, there’s a new distillery on the block. Welcome, Old Elk Distillery! Who decided to make the daunting journey down from our northern booze hungry ally, Fort Collins and settle in the land of craft beer, hipsters and opportunity.

They are introducing the whiskey smitten Denver crowd to a new, creamier form of the bev. Enter: Nooku, a distant cousin of the post dinner favorite, Baileys.  Nooku is a cream based bourbon made with real dairy cream. The drink was inspired by a Native American name for a white snowshoe rabbit who is famous for its lush coat and lightning speed. *Warning* Could elicit desire to let your hair down and run around at a fast pace.

Crafted using high malt bourbon blended with real dairy cream, this bourbon cream is made with only natural sugars and flavors. Nooku has spicy vanilla and toffee aromas, caramel chews in the flavor, and a hearty burst of bourbon finish. Enjoy on ice, in cocktails, or savored in delicious recipes.

We recommend it as a post dinner dessert cocktail shared among friends.

Old Elk is also debuting two other spirits, Dry Town Gin and Dry Town Vodka, both originating from Fort Collins. Unbeknownst to most Colorado residents Fort Collins was a dry city from 1896 to 1969. The town had to rely on bootleggers and underground distilleries to fill their cups and appetites for alcohol. The Dry Town Gin and Vodka are made with a little bit of this outlaw spirit in each bottle.

The gin is Artfully distilled using 10 botanicals; juniper, orris root, orange, lime, angelica root, black pepper, ginger, lemongrass, French verveine, and sage, Dry Town Gin has a smooth and distinctively refreshing herbal, piney citrus forward flavor. The distillation process allows for the extraction of each flavor in a way that best speaks to the botanicals’ true character. The crisp and savory taste comes from the fresh Colorado grown sage along with lemongrass and French verveine. Sliced oranges smooth out the mouthfeel while fresh lime peel creates a crisp, clean punch of citrus that brightens the gin. Enjoyed in classic martinis, modern cocktails, or sipped on the rocks.

The Vodka is hand crafted with a four grain recipe of corn wheat, rye, and malted barley. Distilled using Colorado grown ingredients and water, this vodka is unfiltered, heightening the expression of each grain. The earthy spice of the rye and silky soft texture of the wheat creates an elegant mouth feel and taste. Added corn, produces a sweetness that is the backbone of the vodka and hearty bread notes from added barley round out all the grains. Enjoyed in classic martinis, modern cocktails or sipped on the rocks.

Looking to get your hands on a bottle? Check out this store locator for Dry Town and store locator for Nooku, which will tell you where you can pick up a bottle or enjoy at your local bar/restaurant.

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