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Beverage Industry | November 8, 2016 Celebrating the city of Fort Collins, Colo. and its legacy of craft beverages, Fort Collins, Colo.-based Old Elk Distillery introduced Dry Town Vodka and Dry Town Gin. These high-quality spirits are the first products from Old Elk...

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BevNET | Press Release | November 7, 2016 Old Elk™ Distillery Honors the Spirit of Fort Collins with New Beverage Releases in Colorado FORT COLLINS, COLO. – Celebrating the city of Fort Collins and its legacy of craft beverage, Old Elk™ Distillery introduces Dry Town™...

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Bartender Magazine | November 2016 E-Newsletter Old Elk’s Dry Town Vodka and Dry Town Gin are featured in the Service Bar – new product information feature of the Bartender Magazine November 2016 E-Newsletter.  Visit this feature at
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